Just Realities: The podcast that explores the concept of JUSTICE

Episode 1 : Transdisciplinarity and other alternative methods – a conversation with Mercedes Quesada-Embid

This is the first episode of the Just Realities podcast. After presenting a session at the AScUS conference, Mercedes Quesada-Embid (associate Professor of Environmental Policy and Advocacy  at Catawba Colleague, N.C., US) and I, Santiago Perez (doctoral researcher at the University of Technology of Troyes, France), engage in a conversation about some of the things we learned during the conference.From the current state of legitimacy of knowledge production to a reflection on advocacy towards more just realities, we bring you lots of themes for further discussion and reflection.Here are the references we used during our discussion :


Initiatives and organisations:

  • The Post-Crash Economics Society (PCES) – http://www.post-crasheconomics.com
  • PEPS-Economie (Pour un Enseignement Pluraliste dans le Supérieur en Economie) – http://pepseconomie.org
  • International Society for Industrial Ecology – https://is4ie.org
  • Metabolism of cities – https://metabolismofcities.org/
  • Sustainable Urban Systems (SUS) – https://is4ie.org/sections/urbansystems
  • Joan Martínez Alier: El Ecologismo de los Pobres


  • Nahko and Medicine for the People – http://nahko.com

If you want to participate in the podcast, either as a host, a guest, part of the research team or the tech team, please contact us via email to santi@sustainablesanti.com of leave a comment on the episode.