My Statement

Traditional organizational behavior tends to focus on delivering a few forms of well-being (i.e. financial, material) for a narrow range of stakeholders in the immediate future. Innovative sustainable organizational behavior focuses on delivering a wide range of multiple forms of well-being (i.e. financial, social, ecological, spiritual) for a broad range of stakeholders in the present as well as in the future.

My mission is to design, deliver and communicate sustainable practices and to provide the inspiration, expertise, and resources to build a more conscious and resilient arts infrastructure; one that promotes dialogue, participation, and diverse cultural expressions while environmentally aware and responsible.

I believe that all problems arise from their root causes. The reason mainstream solutions are not working, after decades and the efforts of millions of people, is because those solutions do not resolve root causes. Creative thinking can create real change with innovative solutions.


Sustainability is a paradigm that not only companies, governments, and non-profit organizations should implement, it is a paradigm of all living species on this planet. Being social, economic, cultural and environmentally responsible will ensure a better future for the global ecosystem.


I am committed to understand, measure, improve and communicate my own environmental performance, and to engage with others in the process.

These are my key areas of focus for reducing my impacts:

Personal and business travel and daily commuting. Implementing and encouraging the use of zero or low-carbon active travel modes, such as walking and cycling. When not possible, traveling by public transport and journey-sharing alternatives. For longer trips, using trains instead of planes, but preferable, using teleconference softwares to reduce the impacts of traveling.

Environmentally and ethically considered supplies and services, for both personal life and business operations. Sustainable banking alternatives, website and email hosting (GreenGeeks, 300% powered by renewable energy), alternative search engines (ECOSIA, search engine that plants trees with its ad revenue), low-carbon business cards (made of 100% post-consumer waste), and other suppliers that support reducing my environmental impacts of my work.

Reducing my digital and my Information Communications Technologies (ICTs) impacts.

As a values-driven person, I am committed to working others to reinforce my own understanding and communication of the environmental impacts of my actions.

I am dedicated to remaining open to learning more about sustainable practices in order to implement the most effective, relevant and impactful strategies personally and professionally.