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The EU Is Giving Teens a Month of Free Train Travel Across Europe

This summer, the European Commission is offering 18-year-old European residents a free Interrail ticket—a rail pass that permits travel across 30 European countries for a month. What’s more, they’re not just offering it to one or two teenagers. With a budget of €12 million for this year, the commission plans to fund trips for 20,000 to 30,000 young people, with the possibility of more passes in the years to come. Exact details of how to apply and who will be get an Interrail pass, worth up to €510 ($628), will be released in the next few months. But one thing is already clear: A large town’s worth of European 18-year-olds will be able to travel from Lapland to Lisbon by train this summer, and the price they will pay is precisely nothing.

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Why citizens (not shoppers) hold the key to a better world

I want to re-circulate this video from The Story of Stuff Project and encourage you all to take the quiz to see what role can you play in changing the world’s economy.

“Over the past several decades, many environmental and social change efforts have come to reflect the centrality of shopping in our culture, suggesting change can be made—or is even best made—through alterations in our individual consumption patterns. These efforts—buy Fair Trade or organic, use a reusable bag, screw in a CFL lightbulb—are a great place to start, but they are a terrible place to stop, ignoring the real source of our power: coming together as engaged citizens.” 


“A smart city uses technology to improve services to its citizens and to deliver a better environment for people to live in by tackling challenges such as mobility, climate change, migration and security. But smart cities aren’t just about the technology.”

This podcast from the European Investment Bank can be useful to know the financial perspective of smart cities. Listen to EIB experts on smart city finance and please share your take with me.